Don't Let Wasps and Hornets Nest on Your Medford & Eagle Point, OR Property

Call Just Bugs Pest Control for hornet and wasp extermination services

It’s a perfect sunny day in Medford & Eagle Point, OR to spend outdoors. You step out onto your front porch, hear buzzing sounds and soon find yourself surrounded by a swarm of hornets. You rush back inside, slam the door and peek out the window to see a large nest hanging from your front porch light fixture. Don’t let a gang of hornets keep you cooped up inside all day. Call Just Bugs Pest Control and let us take care of your flying pest problem.

Our pest control services won’t sting your wallet

Hornets and yellow jackets are not only a nuisance, but they also pack powerful and harmful stings. Keep your employees and family safe with our effective and affordable extermination services. We’ll come to your home or commercial facility and:
  • Spray hornet and wasp nests with pesticide
  • Remove the nests from your property
  • Exterminate all hornets and wasps to prevent further infestations

Call 541-292-6998 to schedule hornet and wasp extermination services with Just Bugs Pest Control of Medford & Eagle Point, OR.