Just Bugs Pest Control Stops Ant Invasions in Medford, Eagle Point & Central Point, OR

Just Bugs Pest Control removes ants, spiders, mice and more

Is an army of ants raiding your property? If ants are foraging for food in your kitchen or camping out in your office, call Just Bugs Pest Control. We provide fast and affordable ant extermination services for residential and commercial clients in the Medford, Eagle Point & Central Point, OR area.

An ant colony is no match for Just Bugs Pest Control

Don’t let your home or commercial facility fall victim to a colony of ants. Our exterminators will take care of your ant problem. Call us today and we’ll:
  • Spray the inside and the outside of your home or facility
  • Find colonies and treat the areas to prevent further infestations
  • Offer a 30-day warranty on our ant extermination services

Maintain an ant-free property with help from Just Bugs Pest Control of Medford, Eagle Point & Central Point, OR. Call 541-292-6998 to schedule ant extermination services.